So you have a dead person

Welcome to the club

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

How to cope with the recent acquisition of a dead person

I write from a pretend position of authority here; being a recently bereaved person.

Let the recently bereaved be a little crazy

Currently I am sleeping on the couch; a habit I started a few weeks ago after being fed up with the consistent noise from the elderly argumentative noisy Italians next door.

What your dead person will do to your mind

It’s only been just over 2 weeks (not that I’m counting but it is 2 weeks, 1 day and 9 hours and about 12 minutes since I found my mother deceased) since I aquired my latest dead person and I know this: rarely does it leave your mind.

Australian writer, sexologist, & therapist. I sometimes write about sex & pleasure. I sometimes write about weird shit, my interests & being human.

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